• zaterdag 02 March 2024
  • Het laatste nieuws uit Suriname

President Santokhi wijst op gerommel met bankgegevens bij invullen formulier koopkrachtversterking

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Today, during the continuation of general political reflections in the National Assembly (DNA), Surinamese President Chan Santokhi reported fraudulent acts in the registration of persons who should receive the purchasing power increase of 1,800 SRD.

When helping to complete the forms of persons in need of this social benefit, other bank account numbers are entered. Registration for the strengthening of purchasing power takes place at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing (SOZAVO).

“While we are trying to bring all these benefits to all these groups, there are evil elements. And suma e fini a kosi? Last week I had groups

come to me, people with disabilities, people who were helped to fill in the form that they should receive that support. They're not getting it yet. And there are already known incidents where a different bank account number is entered when entering bank details. People who help others,” the head of state said.

He emphasized that there are already data that funds for social support are being deposited into the accounts of companies and other people. For now, the outcome of the investigation by the Central Land Accountant Agency (Clad) is awaited before further steps can be taken.

“But we are going

to tackle it. We are going to solve it,” the president said. The groups that should receive the 1,800 SRD are senior citizens, people with disabilities and vulnerable households.

| waterkant | Door: Redactie